Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Back in December: Baby Scent

BabyScent is a Boutique Range of Natural Skincare products. Operating in the industry for the last 8yrs, they are an Australian Made, Australian Owned Family Business. Baby Scent use a wide variety of natural and certified organic ingredients of the highest quality that comprise their extensive skin & body range. The products are not only beneficial for those that prefer a natural alternative, capturing the most discerning of customers, but also for the most sensitive and delicate of skins; particularly suitable for babies & children; as well as eczema & psoriasis sufferers and those with allergies and skin irritations. They developed thier products from own experience with their son,who suffered from severe eczema as a toddler to alleviate his condition; where prescribed, commercial, chemical based products could not.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sneak peek for December: W.R.A.P.

If you're a gift wrapping and or stationery lover then you will love this brand!! W.R.A.P - Wrapping, Ribbons & Paper release a new range of Christmas products each year which includes Christmas Card Packs, Individual cards, Gift Bags, Gift Tags and Wrapping Paper Packs. They also offer a lovely handmade selection of stocking fillers in the line of children's drawing packs, journals and stationery sets for the writers and paper lovers out there! You will still find a huge selection of their general stationery and wrapping range at this time of year as well.....because birthdays happen every day!!!

WRAP will be at the Twilight Maribyrnong Makers Market on Thursday 18 December 2014, 4.30 – 8.30pm, Gamon Street, Seddon.

Where to find WRAP

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Sneak peek for December: Organics for Lily

Organics for Lilys' sleek new Tea Bottles keep tea hot for up to hour. They also hold 300ml with a stainless steel strainer, are double walled so you don't burn your hands and have a stylish Eco-friendly bamboo lid. They are made from glass, so BPA free and no other nasty chemicals. Great for your body and the environment. A great way to drink your favourite tea on the go.

Organics for Lily offers a range of organic therapeutic teas, blended by a Melbourne based Naturopath to promote health and wellness. They also have a range of green and white teas and a selection of delicious organic Infusions. They source only the highest quality certified organics from Australia and across the globe to ensure our blends have maximum therapeutic benefits. The deluxe tea pack contains 8 of our delicious brews plus a stainless strainer.

Organics for Lily will be at the Twilight Maribyrnong Makers Market on Thursday 18 December 2014, 4.30 – 8.30pm, Gamon Street, Seddon.

Where to find Organics for Lily